Strategy 2016

Senet Group Strategy for 2016

The promotion of responsible gambling lies at the heart of all we do.

It underpins our commitment to act as a watchdog over our members in the gambling industry, and to work in partnership with others to drive forward the responsible gambling agenda.

‘When The Fun Stops, Stop’ is the central message of our multi-million pound advertising campaign – the foundation of our long-term effort to modify the behaviour of gamblers who might be at risk of problems.

Our members’ commitment to banning gaming machine adverts in bookmakers’ windows is now being adopted across most of the sector as part of the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) code for player protection. And the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) has followed our members’ commitment not to advertise new customer sign-up offers on TV before 9pm: all such ads will be banned from February 2016.

In 2016:

  • we will challenge our members further to promote responsible gambling and develop new player protection measures that encourage gamblers to keep their gambling a fun leisure activity
  • we will seek out new ways to prevent gambling advertising reaching young and vulnerable people
  • and we will look for opportunities to work in partnership with all industry stakeholders to set new standards of responsible operator behaviour

We have prioritised our activities into four areas:

1) Education to Prevent Harm

We will continue to develop campaigns that target young gamblers and other potentially vulnerable groups, as well as those who influence them. Our focus will again be on highlighting the signals of risky behaviour, such as betting more than you can afford or chasing your losses. Our aim will be to educate gamblers to stay in control and to give their friends and family the language to intervene if necessary.

2) Improving the Effectiveness of Self-Exclusion

Building on work carried out to date, from 2016, we will become involved in the operational delivery of the new the cross-operator self-exclusion scheme developed for retail bookmakers. In addition to operational involvement, Senet will work with its members and industry partners wherever possible to explore how the effectiveness of self-exclusion can be enhanced for those who need it.

3) Promoting Good Practice on Social Media

In 2016, we aim to promote good practice on social media – both for messages about responsible gambling and to prevent gambling being promoted to children and young people. A new Senet Enforceable Commitment will be developed to improve standards in this area.

4) Identifying and alerting potential problem gamblers

In 2016, we will work with our members on a new initiative to share insight and harness the power of data analysis to discriminate between ‘safer’ and ‘risky’ gambling behaviour. We will seek out like-minded organisations and use research and intelligence to improve knowledge about what sorts of intervention can be effective at encouraging people at risk to modify their behaviour, so that they can keep their gambling fun.

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