New leaflets and posters available on responsible gambling

New leaflets and posters containing advice and information about how to avoid gambling becoming a problem are now available from Senet Group, the independent body dedicated to promoting responsible gambling standards.

“The material is particularly suitable for places such as student unions, companies employing lots of young people and doctors’ surgeries,” said Ron Finlay, Senet Group chief executive. “It was put together in collaboration with former gambling addicts and gives tips to help you keep your betting under control as well as details of where to get help if you need it.”

The leaflets and posters can be ordered online from the Senet Group website: Leaflets cost one penny each; posters £5. Both are priced just to cover costs, with no profit.

The materials were provided to all GPs and pharmacies in Doncaster in the summer, to support an initiative by Anne Evans, mother of a gambling addict who took his life as a result of his addiction.

“I think it would be wonderful if more places distributed this information,” said Anne. “Gambling is a ‘hidden’ addiction and the more we can get it out in the open, the better we’ll be able to help people who are at risk.”