Responsible Gambling Messaging Project: Stage 1 Measure & Test

Invitation to Tender

The Responsible Gambling Steering Group¹ has been formed to identify the general social responsibility (SR) messaging that is most effective in preventing gambling-­related harm.

This messaging should be usable in a wide range of gambling environments in the UK and should be ‘general’ i.e. not specifically related to an individual player or product. The audience with which we are concerned is those gamblers who gamble with some regularity (i.e. four times a year or more) and who are not experiencing harm from gambling. This is a broad group and covers a whole range of different personalities, socio-­demographics, gambling frequency and game type.

The RG Steering Group will appoint one or more agencies for Stage 1 to generate a wide range of creative ideas for social responsibility (SR) messaging, based on understanding both of the target audience and of the ways in which gambling addiction arises. Stages 2 & 3 will involve trialling these messages at scale across different gambling environments and refining them.

We are seeking to appoint an agency to help us evaluate Stage 1, which we expect to take place between May-­June 2016. Stages 2 & 3 of the evaluation process will be commissioned by the Responsible Gambling Trust and agencies will be eligible to bid for this work. Budget is in line with the scope of Stage 1 and is anticipated to be c. £5k -­ £10k (incl. VAT).

Stage 1 evaluation will include:

  • measuring and testing different forms of SR messaging (which will have been developed by the creative agency) and evaluating their effectiveness, including comparison with other forms of messaging in use using appropriate methodology.
  • assessing whether proposed messages work alongside current responsible gambling messages in use.

Proposals should include a description of the methodologies which will be applied. Agencies should also declare any previous or current experience working with any company in the gambling sector and outline their internal conflict policy.

Agencies should bear in mind the newly published evaluation protocol by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board when submitting proposals, available here

Agencies wishing more information and a copy of the creative brief should email Closing date for receipt of tenders is 29 April 2016.