Strong results reported from Senet Group responsible gambling campaign

In a fourth survey of the public and or regular gamblers carried out in the Autumn the Senet Group was pleased to see very high recognition of its campaign and direct impacts in influencing some gamblers not to bet and some people to step in and raise concerns over the gambling habits of a friend or family member.

Half of the adults surveyed and more than 70% of gamblers recalled the campaign based on the message “When the fun stops, stop”.

Out of 1,000 adults surveyed 20% said the campaign had “prompted them to warn other people about gambling, if only jokingly”.

It found 66% of gamblers said the campaign made them more aware that gambling can be a problem for some and 37% of the gamblers surveyed said the campaign had made them think about their own gambling.

And nearly a fifth (18%) of the gamblers surveyed said it had helped them – at least once – stop gambling more than they should. If this impact is repeated across the public at large the campaign may have persuaded 2-3 million people to change their gambling behaviours in some way.

Senet Group Chair Wanda Goldwag said:

“These numbers show we can made a real difference delivering responsible gambling messages across every media: television, online, in print and in betting shop window displays. Senet has given Government an assurance * that it will increase the level of messaging sent as part of a package of self-regulatory proposals to reduce the risk of problem gambling.”

*In the Senet Group response to the DCMS Call for evidence on stakes and prizes and social responsibility measures