Complaints FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What rules do Senet members commit to?

Members agree to comply with the Senet Enforceable Commitments. These represent high standards of responsible gambling conduct.

Can members of the public alert Senet to apparent breaches of the Senet Enforceable Commitments?

Yes. Please use our complaints form to bring what you think is a breach to our attention. It would help us if you can include evidence, such as photos, to support your complaint.

What happens after a complaint is made?

If we determine that the matter is within our remit, the usual process is for us to investigate the substance of the complaint giving both sides the opportunity to put their case. The Senet Panel will consider the complaint, the evidence and any other relevant information received, before making a decision. More information about the complaints procedure can be found here.

What sanctions will Senet apply if the Enforceable Commitments are breached?

The sanctions range from publication (‘naming and shaming’) to fines and even expulsion from Senet. More details can be found here.

What is the Panel?

The Panel will usually comprise the Senet Board. However, if any of the Industry Directors on our Board are conflicted, their place will be taken by a substitute appointed by the Independent Directors.