If the Panel finds an industry member to be in breach of one or more of the Senet Enforceable Commitments, it may impose one or more of the following sanctions:

1. Adverse publicity by virtue of publication of the decision
2. A monetary penalty on the relevant industry member up to a maximum of £50,000 for any one breach of the Senet Enforceable Commitments, ordinarily payable within 14 days
3. Withdrawal of privileges including use of Senet’s name and logo and other intellectual property of Senet
4. Expulsion from Senet

Factors which the Panel may take into account when assessing what sanction should be imposed include the following:

1. The seriousness of the breach, both in respect of its likely adverse impact on an individual or individuals, and when seen as a whole in the context of the responsible gambling principles underlying the Senet Enforceable Commitments
2. The degree of culpability of the industry member, including having regard to its size, resources and revenue, and steps taken by them to avoid the breach
3. Benefits to the industry member from the breach, including revenue likely to have been derived from the breach
4. Steps taken by the industry member to avoid repetition of the breach
5. The industry member’s record of previous compliance
6. The industry member’s co-operation with and conduct during the investigation