Conservatives Election Manifesto

Senet welcomes the recognition in the Conservative manifesto that there is a critical role that industry funded bodies can play in building awareness and preventing harm. The manifesto rightly points to what is being done in the gambling sector where Senet, as a responsibility body, has carried out  awareness campaigns designed to deter those who gamble, doing so in ways that could cause problems for them or their families.

Up to 90% of players surveyed recognised core messages on setting limits, not chasing losses, only betting what can be afforded and not putting gambling ahead of family and friends.  These messages, generally with the tag-line “When the fun stops, stop” have an effect: 18% of players said it had prompted to bet less on occasion and 24% said it had prompted them to approach gambling more responsibly. This has been achieved in just two years and we believe more is possible. Our campaigning will continue in 2017 and we are looking at the scope for doing more still in partnership with broadcasters and others.