Don’t let 888’s reported failings undermine the value of self-exclusion

The Senet Group for Responsible Gambling argues we should not let the failings of one business undermine the importance of self-exclusion schemes as a way of preventing or managing problem gambling.

Senet, through a subsidiary entity, deliver the multi-operator self-exclusion scheme covering all British bookmakers, allowing a person to exclude from multiple premises with a single call to the team.

Thereafter the primary duty to honour the exclusion rests with the individual. Bookmakers are expected to do all they can to support these decisions to self-exclude, intervening if someone who has self-excluded seeks to enter premises and gamble.

Senet understand the 888 finding is specific to that online company and its company-specific self-exclusion arrangements. The Gambling Commission found what they describe as significant flaws in the processes. The decision to impose a fine and to require repayments was a decision of the Commission and tied to what they found with 888.

Wanda Goldwag Chair of the Senet Group says:

“The Senet Group has had responsibility for the retail bookmaker multi-operator self-exclusion scheme (“MOSES”) for a year. The retail scheme covers over 8,000 individual premises and relies on the commitment of those who register and the best endeavors of shop staff across the land. Alongside the exclusion schemes run by each operator the central scheme has helped over 5,000 people as they seek to manage their gambling habits.

Research we commissioned showed that the vast majority of those surveyed had succeeded in staying away from betting shops with 71% making no attempt to play and 80% saying the scheme had reduced or totally stopped their gambling.

These schemes do not work for everyone. The reality is that those with a desperate need to gamble may find a way. But we must not let the past behaviour of one business undermine the value of self-exclusion as a tool in managing the risk of and harm from problem gambling.”

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