Gamblesmart campaign

We ran a major social media campaign with the hashtag #gamblesmart during November and December 2015. This was aimed primarily at young men.

Shareable videos and other content were posted online to highlight and promote responsible gambling behaviour. Although humorous in tone, they were designed to contain an underlying serious message about how to prevent gambling becoming a problem.

You can see the videos, Facebook and Twitter posts used in the campaign at

Building on the earlier #badbetty advertising, the five tips being promoted were again:

  • set your limits at the start
  • only bet what you can afford
  • never chase your losses
  • don’t bet if you’re getting angry
  • never put betting before your mates

Supporting the online promotion, all Senet Group members devoted their shop windows to the distinctive yellow and black campaign posters for three days from Monday, 16 November.

The videos were also shown on gaming machines in bookmakers’ shops, on their in-store TVs and on their online channels. Shops carried free leaflets reminding people about the five tips.

Read the press release about the campaign.

Interim evaluation shows that the campaign achieved a high level of engagement with young men, but the extent to which this translated into higher awareness of the messages awaits the outcome of tracking research in March.