How we work

The Senet Group has been established to promote responsible gambling standards in the UK and to ensure that the marketing of gambling is socially responsible.

The Senet Group’s board will have ultimate responsibility for its operation. This will comprise two members from the gambling industry, two lay members from outside the industry and an independent Chair, who will act as Standards Commissioner.

The Group is committing to a major advertising campaign in 2015 to educate people about responsible gambling, aimed especially at gamblers and young adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is membership open to other gambling companies?

Yes. Membership of the Senet Group is open to any gambling operator.

Can members of the public alert the Group to apparent breaches of the Code?

Yes, after our Board is appointed in January 2015. We will investigate apparent breaches and act to enforce compliance if necessary.

What sanctions will the Group apply if the code is breached?

The Group will be able to name and shame offenders and impose fines. Organisations will not be able to use the Senet Group logo if they persistently breach the code, and could face expulsion.