Self-regulating the gambling industry

Wanda Goldwag, Independent Standards Commissioner chairing the Senet Group Board, tells Marcus Papadopoulos about Senet Group, the new self-regulatory body in the gambling industry

Q What is Senet Group?

Loosely modelled on the Portman Group, the self-regulatory body in the alcohol industry, the Senet Group has three major purposes: to help fulfil our members’ commitment to social responsibility; to hold members to account for compliance with codes of good practice; and to work with members, government and regulators to find mutually acceptable solutions to minimise problem gambling.

Q Who runs the group?

We have five directors on the board, which I chair. Three of those five, including myself, are completely independent of the industry. Our background is in regulation and public service; for example, I am a Civil Service Commissioner, Suzanne McCarthy is the UK’s Immigration Services Commissioner and Gillian Wilmot is a member of the Industrial Development Advisory Board. The two other directors represent gambling operators in membership.

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