The gambling sector should increase collaborative efforts and make more use of customer data in order to improve standards of social responsibility, the Senet Group’s CEO Sarah Hanratty has told

At the end of Responsible Gambling Week, Hanratty (pictured) paid tribute to the sector’s progress in recent years, most notably the “huge step change” of recognising “that a lot more needs to be done to make gambling safer”.

Over the course of the last week more than 11,000 gambling venues and online sites across the UK and Ireland have promoted responsible gambling. Some have offered advice to customers via literature in shops while others have donated advertising space to messages about responsible gambling.

Hanratty told that companies have acknowledged it is in their best interests to raise social responsibility standards.

“Increasingly, companies in the sector recognise that problem gambling and indeed the harm caused by it are issues they must and can address, and that the long-term sustainability of the sector is dependent on them stepping up to this challenge,” said Hanratty, formerly the director of corporate affairs for the Portman Group alcoholic drinks trade body.

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The Senet Group seeks to raise standards in the gambling sector through best practice and other partnership initiatives and to promote responsible gambling through a campaign of broadcast, print and digital advertising and player messaging.

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