The Senet Group welcomes Revealing Reality report on good practice in promoting responsible gambling

Senet wholeheartedly welcomes the publication of the Revealing Reality report on responsible gambling and was pleased to help fund the work on public and player messaging.

Wanda Goldwag, Senet Chair said:

There is a close fit with the messages in this report and our work. Senet was created precisely to help the sector work collectively to encourage responsibility in gambling. Acting collectively lessens the fear operators will end up in some sort of race to the bottom with business lost to firms that take a less enlightened approach or simply think a DIY approach is better. We might learn from the drinks sector who came to understand the long-term goal of high public trust confidence and a strong market had to come ahead of short term gain based on unsustainable behaviours.

We have numerous opportunities before us to work together on building trust; through a shared approach on indicators of harm in online play, through common standards for and with the affiliate marketing community, through the development and strenuous promotion of responsible gambling tools like deposit limit setting.

Operators do more than they get credit for in ensuring the vast majority of players use services without demonstrating any risky behaviours. They are uniquely placed to give a lead in thinking how games and their marketing can be safer and fairer alongside encouraging responsible play by their customers.

Businesses show remarkable creativity in their products and marketing. We must encourage responsibly play with the same creativity and imagination. It is not beyond our ability to bust a few myths and explain products honestly without taking away some of the “theatre” that players clearly enjoy. This might mean the Gambling Commission and others having an open mind to player information if simpler messages in funkier terms work better with players than the formulaic presentation of how products work.