Senet Group, the UK body dedicated to addressing problem gambling through consumer information programmes, saw off intense competition to win the Marketing Society’s Excellence Award for ‘Customer Insight’ at a ceremony held at London’s Honourable Artillery Company on June 13.

The Society’s Customer Insight award recognises the importance of research in understanding and predicting consumer behaviour which results in a measurable brand impact. The Senet Group’s When the Fun Stops, Stop campaign, which was designed and created by creative agency The Corner London, has had strong indicative levels of engagement with its target audience of regular gamblers. According to independent research conducted last year, the campaign has reached an estimated 82% of regular UK gamblers, with 33%, or an indicative 5 million adults confirming that it has helped them gamble more responsibly since it was launched in 2015.

Gillian Wilmot, Chairman of the Senet Group, said:

“It’s immensely satisfying to receive such recognition for Senet’s campaign, which has continued to build engagement and recognition in every year since its launch. Problem gambling is a notoriously complex issue and often reflects the unique personal circumstances of the individual involved. The insight which inspired When the Fun Stops, Stop was that whilst personal situations and context might differ, there is a clear consistency in the way that gamblers exhibit emotional cues which can be used to predict or identify potential issues.”

Ollie Gilmore, Strategy Director at The Corner London, said:

“Our research for Senet combined the vast body of academic research and literature on problem gambling, with the recruitment of our own dedicated ‘gambling panel’ of 20-something men who kept diaries via WhatsApp. Young men are not known for their openness, but through the diaries and personal interaction we built a vivid picture of the emotional characteristics that both trigger and signal instances of problem gambling, building this into a campaign which now resonates well beyond its original target market.”

The Senet Group has held the copyright to the: When the Fun Stops, Stop campaign since 2015, but announced in April 2018 that it would waive some of these rights to ensure the entire gambling industry can make use of the material.

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The Senet Group seeks to raise standards in the gambling sector through best practice and other partnership initiatives and to promote responsible gambling through a campaign of broadcast, print and digital advertising and player messaging.

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