Promoting responsible gambling standards

The Senet Group is an independent body set up to promote responsible gambling standards and ensure that the marketing of gambling is socially responsible.

The Senet Group is funded by levies agreed with the industry operators who founded the Senet Group or who subsequently committed to supporting the Group’s work and meeting the Commitments agreed by the members of the Senet Group.

Membership is open to licensed operators active in the UK market. Currently membership covers nearly 75% of retail betting shops by number and around 40% of the gambling sector in total. Alongside retail betting shops the Senet Group membership has a significant presence amongst the online gambling sector through operators active in both and some members who are solely “online”.

As a responsibility body we agree a set of Commitments with members. These relate to how and when services are advertised and how safeguards should be available to users to reduce the risk of problem gambling behaviours. The Senet Group has a responsibility for dealing with any complaints in relation to these Commitments and for ensuring the Commitments are respected.

Alongside this element of self-regulation the Senet Group funds a campaign of stand-alone advertising and messaging highlighting a series of responsible gambling messages designed to build awareness of the risks with some gambling practices and encourage responsibility and, where necessary, some moderation in terms of gambling activity. Increasingly, this campaigning is targeted at online players and at younger gamblers, who reports show have a higher propensity to risky gambling behaviours.

An Independent Standards Commissioner chairs the Senet Group. Her responsibilities include monitoring and enforcing compliance with the commitments made by member companies on advertising and other measures aimed at protecting the vulnerable. The Senet Group board has seven members, with non-industry independent members in the majority. We refer to “membership” of the Senet Group. This organisation is not, however, a trade or membership body that makes representation on behalf of those who support our efforts to prevent problem gambling behaviours and harms.

In this website you will find information on:

  1. our governance
  2. our strategic plans
  3. the thinking behind and content used in our media campaigns
  4. the findings of independent surveys into the reach and effectiveness of our campaigns
  5. a list of the Commitments made by members and information on how to complain and on how complaints are managed.
  6. information on how to contact the Senet Group and other regulatory and charitable bodies with a role in preventing problem gambling
  7. Operators will find information on what is involved in joining Senet

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